Sculpture Projects


Restoration-Mold Making






Jose Marti Sculpture Reproduction Project

One of two sculptors that worked to refine detail of the 3D printed model, of Anna Hyatt Huntington's original sculpture in Central Park. Was recast in bronze and presented as a gift to the people of Cuba, November 2017

After completing the sculpture also assisted the mold making team to produce the molds for the bronze casting.

Da Vinci Horse Sculpture Reproduction Project

Produced molds for bronze casting of an 8ft version of the Da Vinci Horse statue through  DaVinci Science Center. Installed Sheridan Wyoming.

Sculpture Restoration Project


Restoration (painting only) of damaged hand

Sculpture Restoration Project


Two part restoration of sculpture in Mall of the Americas, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Phase one was sanding and grinding sculpture to base metal.

Phase two involved working with sculptor to create patina, texture and color of original using marine grade enamel paint.